Show from July 26, 2010

On July 26th we sat in for Scott Harris of Counterpoint in his regular Monday evening slot.

In the first hour we interviewed Pauleen Cantwell, host of the show “Live Well with Cantwell” on 1490am WGCH. Pauleen has been a volunteer at the UN and an environmental activist for many years. We talked about geo-engineering, weather modification through persistent jet contrails and HAARP.

Articles quoted on the show:
LA Times, “Patreaeus’ risky militia maneuver for Afghanistan”
IFPRI, “Delivering Genetically Engineered Crops to Poor Farmers”
Science Daily, “Ozone Hole Healing Could Cause Further Climate Warming”
NASA, Unexplainable thermosphere expansion, The Amazing Amazon Rainforest
ABC News, “North Korea threatens ‘sacred’ nuclear war”

Additional weather modification material:
Angel’s Don’t Play This HAARP, by Nick Begich

In the second hour we spoke with Rick Rozoff, a journalist residing in Chicago, Rick focuses on geo-politics. His work can be read at his personal blog, Stop NATO and at Global Research.

The podcast for the show can be downloaded here.

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