Next show, Wednesday 9/1 6:30pm

Hi all, this is an alert for the next scheduled show of In Context. We’ll be on the air this Wednesday, September 1st, 2010 at 6:30pm until 7.

Since it’s September we’ll be discussing the terror attacks of 9/11. At the opening of the show we’ll give a rundown of the evidence for a controlled demolition. Then we’ll be joined by a special guest: radio host, documentary filmmaker and political activist Jason Bermas. We’ll speak to him about his films on 9/11 and his speaking engagement in New York City on Friday, September 10th at the We Are Change conference, “Our Lives Post 9/11”.

The conference will begin on Thursday the 9th and runs through Sunday the 12th at 56 Walker St in Manhattan. We Are Change will be raising money for the first responder’s families and will have a panels featuring big name journalists, activists and filmmakers.

As usual we’ll be broadcasting live on WPKN, 89.5fm in Bridgeport, CT and streaming live on

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