Clips from 9/11 show

Hi, I finally got some time to sit down and repost some of the clips we played on the special 4 hour 9/11 show. Below you’ll find a sampling of audio and video and news links that was covered.

News covered: “Ground Zero Mosque Imam Is Globalist Stooge
Wealthy lawmakers increased their riches as U.S. economy sputtered in ’09
25 Most Vicious Iraq War Profiteers

We played clips from the premium for the fundraising drive taken from this interview with Steven Jones.

We played my musical edit of the JFK speech on secret societies and freedom of the press. What Man Was Meant To Be

We discussed Richard Gage and his 2 hour presentation “Blueprint for 9/11 truth“. You can watch the 30 minute version online for free as well that covers the main points in a much shorter presentation.

Here’s a clip from the BBC where they announced the collapse of WTC building 7 before it fell with the building visible in the background. It was revealed later that news outlets were given a prepared news bulletin released to outlets that display foreknowledge of the collapse, but they were announced on the air by mistake before the event had happened.

Here’s the links to the RFK interview with Shane O’Sullivan:

Of course, all previous History Counts interviews can be found at the History Counts website.

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