Since we’re on the topic of chemtrails…

I figured this is relevant to share since we spoke to G. Edward Griffin last night about his film “What In the World Are They Spraying?”. Here is a music video my wife and I created a few years ago to show some time lapse footage of chemtrails. I think it’s effective because most people don’t realize which are contrails and which are considered chemtrails.

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  2. unmistaken1 says:

    This is beautiful Piece here..Thanx..I have also done a story on Chemtrails…It is very much like yours.
    I am new to wordpress..

  3. Paul Rubino says:

    The truth is very important …

    ChemTrails and ChemClouds Debunked: (video)

    • Gus says:

      I’m approving this we be accused of censorship, but this video is junk. You’re pulling quotes out that say we didn’t see these chemtrails before 1996 but you’re cherry picking statements. You chose a statement by Alex Jones that says we didn’t see these trails before 20 years ago and now they’re everywhere. However he also states constantly that geo-engineering and weather modification has been used since the 1930’s-1950’s in experimental stages. We used weather modification in vietnam during operation popeye. Jones has also interviewed Ben Livingstone, the father of weather weapons who flew chemtrail planes into hurricanes decades ago.

      I have personally met and discussed weather modification at length with Rosalind Peterson who appears in your video and her saying that we didn’t see these trails before 20 years ago is to say that we didn’t see them in popular use. They were used in experimental and small scale commercial applications dating back decades. There is even video from pre-world war 2 germany with persistent contrails in the sky as a result of their testing.

      The fact remains, New England where I live is covered by persistent jet contrails every day. When I was a kid in the 80’s we had storm fronts blow in and out. Now every day is cloudy. Look up global dimming, I’m a photographer so it’s a point of interest for me. There is now less light passing through the atmosphere and our number of bright sunny days is far less than it used to be.

      • Paul Rubino says:


        I guess the main thrust is, if the difference between contrail and chemtrail is the persistence of the contrail, then we have a lot of persistent contrails going back 60-plus years nobody can account for. If the difference between a chemcloud and a regular cloud is the way it looks, how to explain the same clouds appearing in a 1905 cloud publication?

        I think you’re confusing chemtrails with cloud seeding for the purposes of creating rain or trying to slow or disrupt a hurricane. Chemtrails, as i understand the current definition, is spraying aluminum, barium and other substances. There is simply no proof. Like i said, if the persistence of a contrail is the proof, we have persistent contrails going back to WWII and beyond.

        Global dimming does not prove chemtrails. Do contrails block sunlight? Absolutely. Do contrails, by way of blocking the sun, possible affect things down here on the surface? Absolutely. But these side effects of condensed water in the sky doesn’t prove the content of the contrails. I’m a retired air traffic controller. While most people don’t recall looking up and seeing these contrail and cloud formations (because not many people walk around looking up), i made my living looking up and watching how the movement of aircraft can affect the sky and i had to notice the clouds.

        If things do seem dimmer these days, i would say it’s the tremendous increase in air traffic over the past few decades and the fact more aircraft are capable of flying at the higher altitudes necessary to create contrails.

        Besides, if they really wanted to spray us from above, why wouldn’t they just do it at night or use a chemical that doesn’t leave strings of cotton in the sky?

        Thanks for allowing the video!


      • Gus says:

        All of this is granted and I think that perhaps you may end coming around on this issue yet. It would seem you’re unaware of some key information. Chemtrails and cloud seeding is exactly the same thing. Chemtrails ARE Geo-engineering efforts by using aluminum, barium salts and strontium to effect the formation of clouds for the purpose of weather modification. You can hire private companies to do this for your farms or ski resorts. The airforce experiments with steering hurricanes by releasing massive amounts of carbon to create warm fronts along side the paths. They also wrote white papers on flood/drought for our enemies, please see “Weather as a force multiplier: owning the weather by 2025” a military paper available on the internet.

        There are serious side effects of causing rain or snow though. In the adjacent region they will experience severe drought, a la Texas 2011. I recommend “What in the world are they spraying?” as a movie with footage from inside a geo-engineering conference to hear them openly talking about aerosolized particles being released into the atmosphere to alter the climate. We interviewed the creator of the movie, Michael Murphy. You can also see in soil samples from around the country an thousands of a percent increase in aluminum and barium in isolated waters and trees that can only get their water from rain.

        The 1905 photos are interesting but part of the problem is that in the absence of information people search for answers and some people think every cloud they see is man made. But without the geo-engineering crowd forced to share their research with the public we don’t know what the difference is between an engineered cloud and a real one. I know I see black clouds literally falling out of the sky on days of heavy spraying which usually precedes a storm by two days. They are black clouds that float slowly at about 1000ft and they look really awful.

      • Paul Rubino says:


        I don’t think chemtrails are the same as cloud seeding. Cloud seeding requires a specially equipped aircraft, and the intent of the “seeding” is to increase precipitation, create fog, that kind of thing. Chemtrails, as i understand it from some of these conspiracy forums, is the dispersement of toxic chemicals using aircraft engines. The chemicals are placed in the jet fuel and spewed out the engines during flight.

        Granted, i may have the definition of chemtrails all wrong, but i’m going by what people like Alex Jones are saying. Chemtrails are toxic and are causing illness.

        I guess my hangup is, things like aluminum, barium salts and strontium cannot be passed through a jet engine. If they were to do that kind of spraying they would have to use aircraft specially equipped with the appropriate spraying equipment. People like Alex Jones insist the spraying is being done (partially) by commercial aircraft unaware their fuel has been spiked with these chemicals.

        I looked over “Weather as a force multiplier: owning the weather by 2025″ and it reads like a very typical government brain exercise in “what ifs.” The document clearly states it doesn’t represent an official government position and, from what i read, they’re discussing how to control things like precipitation, fog and clouds. I understand that the very discussion of these kinds of topics in government documents can look very ominous, but nothing in this document proves the implementation of such a program.

        I watched the movie “What in the world are they spraying?”. They talk about a lot of theories, but then again, it’s all theories and nothing more. These kinds of think-tanks have been in existence ever since men first had a desire to hear themselves talk.

        I’d love to see those black clouds. Sounds like the pollution above some our bigger cities! LOL!

        Like i said to Rady, the only sure-fire way to know what is being sprayed is to get up there and test the contrails – or – catch a suspected aircraft immediately after landing and test the fuel.

        Maybe we’re closer to understanding (not necessarily agreeing with) each other. That’s a good thing.


  4. Gus says:

    I’ve been researching this for 11 years. Chemtrails and weather modification are the same thing. The altered jet fuel is only a small part of the chemtrail issue and is not a main sticking point of Alex Jones, it’s just something that people seem to really pick out. The dirty jet fuel just seems to add to the overall misery of our overcast skies.

    I’m glad you looked over the “Weather as a force multiplier document”. Here’s where crossing over the divide becomes pivotal. You now need to look at all of the think tank papers that have been written over the past decades that sound like harmless disconnected dreaming and then consider how much of it has actually come true. What about the Pentagon “thinktank” papers about planning the wars in the middle east back in 2000? What about the Club of Rome documents about de-industrializing American written back in the 60’s? It’s not theory, they’re announcing their plans.

    The panelists in “What in the World are they Spraying?” are talking about their research as if it’s all drawn up on a blackboard, but what they’re talking about is actual real world tests where they gather data. That would be what we see. Chemtrails ARE weather modification programs run by universities and the Air Force with barium salts, silver iodide and aluminum. It’s unfortunately true. There are different methods like using rockets and canons, which are what China used before the Beijing olympics where they guaranteed good weather (which they achieved) and there are ionizing towers built in Saudi Arabia to bring rain to the desert. All different experimental methods of achieving the same goal and all work.

    Check out this article from China Daily:

    It says China is the self proclaimed world leader in weather modification and flew 2,840 weather mod flights from 2001 to 2005. Those are chemtrail flights. There’s a reason you see the chemtrails about 2 days before storm fronts come in and you get heavier rain than was forecast.. OR you get nothing because they caused it not to rain. It’s impossible to know what they intend AND they use dangerous chemicals to achieve it.

    • Paul Rubino says:


      I still have to harken back to, where is the proof these chemicals are coming out of the exhausts of planes?

      I understand what you’re saying about these think thank papers. The difference between these geoengineering papers and the middle east war is, there is proof the middle east war occurred. Still, the middle east war occurring is still not proof of cause and effect. H.G. Wells discussed the concept of atomic weapons decades before atomic weapons were a reality. Was H.G. Wells responsible for the creation of atomic weapons?

      Over the years there have been hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of think tank ideas that never made it to the deployment stage. Google search “acoustic kitty” to see what i mean.

      You and i are at the juncture between idea and implementation and whether there is proof bridging the two. Cloud seeding, using specially equipped aircraft, have been tried and used for nearly a century. Cloud seeding technology does not include using the aircraft engine as a dispersement tool. Cloud seeding? Yes. Is there any proof there is anything but jet fuel in the fuel tanks of those airplanes overhead? No. As i mentioned previously, the ability to prove otherwise would be rather simple and i don’t understand why chemtrail (through-the-jet-engine spraying) advocates don’t just test the jet fuel being used or place themselves in a suspected contrail and test the chemical makeup. This would end the debate once and for all.

      Believe me, i don’t want to be sprayed by anybody for any reason. If i could find the proof, i would be on the front line of the fight. But after being in the government all these years, i’ve seen a zillion ideas discussed by all kinds of people, with all kinds of motives – usually trying to get a government contract and big $$$$$$ – so they’ll sing any tune to any person they believe can get them what they want.


  5. Gus says:

    I cannot attest to dirty engine fuel. All I know about it is that the fuel regulations were relaxed. You’re really fixating on a small portion of the problem and if you stare at one street corner of Detroit for an afternoon and don’t see any crime, you’ll say “I don’t see any crime, what’s all the discussion about?” it’s obviously because you looked through too narrow of a prism. But if you step back and look at the broader scope and see how many government sanctioned weather modification programs there are that fly THOUSANDS of missions a year and almost exclusively in NATO countries and couple that with the explosion of autism and Alzheimer’s disease, all kinds of cancers that are associated with environmental exposure how do you not draw the same conclusion?

    Foundation white papers are to be feared. If they fail to implement it’s not because they didn’t try, it’s because they were stopped by activists. The really insider foundations are batting a lot higher than you run of the mill mainstream think tanks. Acoustic Kitty is just a project, not a policy. DARPA now has microwave guns that can give you a heart attack without touching you and remote control flys with microphones on them. They obviously learned from their experiments and now have the real deal products. I mean bigger picture policies like our tracked education system, getting women into the tax base work force, expansion of welfare, government surveillance state, the de-industrialization of America, the end of the middle class, the wage deflation by immigration, regional currencies (the euro).. all think tank ideas. To say they are just braniacs bantering ideas would be outright foolishness. Today they’re onto bigger and better things like an African Union run by the US under Africom, a department of our military that currently runs most of Africa.

    Forget the jet fuel, it’s entirely irrelevant. You already admit that weather modification exists. This is like happening across a body lying in the street and you want to argue over whether it was a .357 or a .45 that killed him. I’m saying I don’t care let’s just call the police because a man has been shot to death. I’m telling you that geo-engineering is an admittedly HUGE project around the world and is done by using toxic chemicals to manipulate the weather and toxify our rain. Shouldn’t you be making videos about that instead of whether or not they’re spiking the fuel?

    • Paul Rubino says:


      I can’t move off the dirty fuel thing because it would be the best way to prove what you are saying. Everything you mention is either circumstantial or speculation. What is needed is real, hands-on proof … a tank full of contaminated jet fuel, an air sample taken from behind a suspicious flight. Something.

      I sort of, kind of, understand why you want to draw your conclusions. Weather modification has been occurring for 100 years. But there is a HUGE difference between cloud seeding to increase rainfall and the intentional dispersement of chemicals that cause the ills you list. I’m not seeing how you transition so easily between the two. I see a huge leap between the relatively benign cloud seeding (I don’t know the direct impacts of iodide and dry ice on living creatures is harmful or not) and the sinister nature of chemtrails (deliberately spraying aluminum, barium and other harmful chemicals).

      I’m not sure what else to say. I think we’re at a crossroads. When you say, “Foundation white papers are to be feared. If they fail to implement it’s not because they didn’t try, it’s because they were stopped by activists”, you are, stating as fact, “they” have ALWAYS tried to implement EVERYTHING. This is an opinion being treated as fact.

      Your analogy of a dead body in the street is actually a good one, but with a slightly different twist: You would want to say, “Paul has owned a gun his whole life, he must’ve killed this person.” I would be the one saying, i know i’ve owned a gun my whole life, but where is the proof i shot this person?


  6. Gus says:

    I’ve got loads of work to do so unfortunately I can engage in any long posts here. I’ll just have to leave it at: Look up the ingredients of the chemicals in what you call “cloud seeding” which is actually referred to as geo-engineering in academic circles. The practice as I’ve outlined are in practice around the world re: china daily post. It’s not about increasing rainfall it’s about climate control.. much grander.

    I just did a quick search and came up with this, it’s specific to your question about jet fuel. Again it’s a white paper, but you’ll have to come to your own conclusion that it’s being used in experiments. I believe it.. so I say to you, prove that it’s not.

    2.2. Delivery mechanism
    Since commercial airliners routinely fly in the region where cold cirrus clouds exist, it is hoped that the seeding material could either be (1) dissolved or suspended in their jet fuel and later burned with the fuel to create seeding aerosol, or (2) injected into the hot engine exhaust, which should vaporize the seeding material, allowing it to condense as aerosol in the jet contrail. The objective would not be to seed specific cloud systems but rather to build up a background concentration of aerosol seeding material so that the air masses that cirrus will form in will contain the appropriate amount of seeding material to produce larger ice crystals.

    About the gunshot analogy.. I’m not naming you or anyone specifically for shooting the victim. I’m just saying someone shot him, and there lots of people with motives so let’s go start questioning them.

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