Mainstream media ignores facts while making irresponsible connections to Jared Lee Loughner

Yesterday another immature, confused, misdirected and unfocused psychopath lashed out in a counterproductive act of violence.

In a short time the mainstream media has made many attempts to connect Arizona shooter Jared Lee Loughner to several sources of influence for his very conflicted views which ultimately erupted as a shooting that targeted Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, a female congresswoman who supported gun rights, a federal judge who supported a rancher who was sued by mexicans when the rancher stopped them from trespassing on his land at gunpoint and turned them over to border patrol agents as well as a 9 year old girl and others. Loughner’s social media pages and self made Youtube videos spout many more conflicting views. Evident in the videos is his high level of interest in mind control and his rather high opinion of his own self awareness. He also makes juvenile pseudo intellectual attempts at insulting people unable to follow his incoherency.

Listed among his favorite books are The Communist Manifesto, Mein Kampf, Animal Farm and Brave New World. He also states that he is an athiest and objects to having “in God we trust” on money. A former classmate of Loughner’s described him as a “Left-wing pothead”.

In spite of all this, the main stream media has thought it necessary to attempt to connect Loughner to right wing groups and lists David Icke, although pronouncing his name wrong, as a source of inspiration although Icke is probably more closely described as a pacifist Buddhist.

The Department of Homeland Security has also listed a group called the American Renaissance as a connection despite the fact that the group states that there is no record of Loughner ever attending a meeting (that were all held on the east coast) or ever being on the mailing list.

Time will tell what the motivations of this alleged killer are. But right now, let’s just keep it to the facts and stop overreaching to try to suit our political purposes.

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