#1 on the In Context non-recommended reading for 2011

We’re only barely into 2011, but I’ve just found the front runner for most damaging book to political education for the year. It’s a new book by John Mearsheimer, a University of Chicago political science professor titled “Why Leaders Lie: The Truth About Lying in International Politics”.

Why Leaders LieFor a little background into his roots we should take a quick look at his current place of employment. It’s no surprise that this gem comes from a professor of the University of Chicago as it’s a breeding ground for globalist stooges not unlike Harvard and Yale who are frequent cross pollinators for evil. The University of Chicago was founded in 1949 with Rockefeller money (top globalist), who then went on to found the Aspen Institute who once held a conference titled “Technology: Social Goals and Cultural Options” in 1970. Nice title, right? It has a very technocratic social engineering ring to it, a la “Brave New World”. But that’s an aside. The connections to the University of Chicago run deep in American politics. Obama, the current president used to be a law professor there along with Cass Sunstein the current “information czar”, charged with interpreting the law for the executives in the cabinet. Sunstein’s views are very troubling as he’s actually lobbied for making conspiracy theories illegal and infiltrating groups who work to “disseminate” them. Additionally, coming from the ranks of the many Chicago economists who have helped to set up the corporatist system that we have today is Austan Goolsbee, a professor at Chicago and another appointee of Obama’s picked as chairman of the economic advisory team. Goolsbee, an advocate for cap and trade, open border free trade, is a member of Skull and Bones and the Council on Foreign Relations.

In the book, or maybe pamphlet is a better name since it’s only 160 pages, Mearsheimer says he set out to detail all of the vicious lying in politics but just couldn’t seem to come up with many examples. In an interview with NPR and another with the Boston Globe (two globalist stooge outlets) Mearsheimer says essentially that yes, politicians lie, but it’s necessary and sometimes even good. He conjures up the example of JFK lying to the American people over the agreement with Khruschev to remove their missiles from each others borders to end the missile crisis. They each agreed to deny the agreement because it would make them appear weak to their own people. Mearsheimer says that this was good lying. I would take the opposite view and say that not allowing citizens to see the details of diplomacy and level headed negotiations causes the continuation of the pig-headed thinking that leads to brash and callous disregard. I don’t think the American people would have had a problem with Kennedy’s compromise, but perhaps the CIA did and would have made Kennedy look foolish for doing so even though it ended a major standoff. We need to keep in mind that disarmament is key to a peaceful world. Peace is poison to the military industrial complex. The militaristic propagandists who run the CIA and subsequently the country didn’t, and don’t see it this way and that’s why we are currently in a standoff with almost every other country in the world. Kennedy did what was right by negotiating the stand down, but ultimately, keeping it a secret didn’t keep him alive any longer as the CIA did him in anyway.

Yes, Mearsheimer does acknowledge the obvious lies about WMD’s and even mentions the Gulf of Tonkin, but he really only mentions them because they backfired on the liars and caused them to lose credibility. He also doesn’t think that these lies were told with malice either, only that they thought they were doing the right thing. He thinks that G.W. Bush lied because he really thought that Iraq had WMD’s – not because he wanted to execute a back room deal with American oil companies and military contractors, or continue the march for American global empire.

I would think that a book with this title and scope should be multiple volumes to encompass the shenanigans, back room deals, ulterior motives and deceit that permeates our modern society. I will be that it doesn’t mention the many other lies that continue to fly under the radar that resulted in the deaths and ruination of untold millions of lives over the past century. I’m sure it doesn’t mention that George H.W. Bush lied to Saddam Hussein when he said that America would not intervene if Iraq invaded Kuwait. There is probably no mention of Pearl Harbor and the foreknowledge of an attack that was used to get America into WW2, there is probably no mention of 9/11 and the foreknowledge of an attack as shown by Lt. Col. Athony Schaefer and his program “Able Danger”. There won’t be a mention of the willful ignorance demonstrated by the FDA or EPA in oversight of Monsanto and their dangerous insecticides and GMO crops. What about the lying about “too big to fail” as a way to pay off the big banks who contributed so heavily into the campaign coffers for our elected public servants. Or bailing out foreign countries with American taxpayer’s money so that they could pay back debts to the same American banks? We see the American government lie every month when the unemployment number comes out and they say that it is 10 points lower than it really is because they don’t count certain groups. Indeed, the list goes on and on.

Here’s a quote from the book reviews on Amazon.

“World leaders can lie to each other without suffering grave consequences, but they do it far less often than we might suppose…”–James F. Hoge, Jr., Chairman, Human Rights Watch, and former Editor, Foreign Affairs.

Yeah… right… How stupid do these people think we are? I know that the skill of memory is rapidly evaporating from the American mind with so many impulsive thoughts and reactive behaviors being sold to us every minute of the day, but this is an insult to decency.

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