Rand Paul: Cut $500 billion and end foreign aid

Here’s a video of an appearance of Rand Paul on the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. He lays out his proposal to cut $500 billion from the budget including all foreign aid. He explains that he believes we’re funding both sides of a never ending arms race in the middle east and that ending the foreign aid, especially when it is all borrowed from China would do everyone a lot of good.

With Rand being a newcomer, he has an opportunity to begin the worldwide military stand down. He doesn’t have the relative baggage that his dad has of being a staunch non-interventionist which all the war hawks immediately push aside. Rand can position himself in the middle and work to use his common sense approach to start the disassembly of the war machine without sounding like a pacifist, which the American man has been trained to loath. If we start with an end to foreign aid which is one of the root contributors of most terrorism (it aids foreign conflicts and empowers dictators) then maybe we’ll have a chance to see the beginnings of a peaceful world without the need for constant US intervention, empire and global conflict.

And in response to cutting the budget and government departments: When Libertarians say they want to shrink the size of government, they don’t mean an end to roads, police and fire departments. They mean an end to departments of federal government that spend their time choosing winners and losers not only in the marketplaces but in global conflicts (in more ways than you might think). The federal government doesn’t just intervene at home and abroad in order to make peace and fair business competition, it chooses the winners based on who offers the individuals in government more in return. And that spans not only the military industrial complex, but infrastructure builders, energy providers, food producers, corporations or special interest groups that influence education and the medical industry.

It’s not an overnight answer, but shrinking the government will go a long way to restoring prosperity here at home and all the things that come with it including enhancing charity to foreign countries that will get into the right hands instead of the pockets of American puppet dictators.

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