Sunday podcast and fluoride info

On the Sunday show we covered the news and had a conversation about water fluoridation. Please download the podcast to hear the show. The conversation entailed whether fluoride really helps to protect teeth from cavities and whether the benefits outweigh the risks. Here’s a video by’s Mike Adams called “The Fluoride Deception”. The first 7 minutes are a great explanation of where fluoride comes from. The rest of the film talks about the dangers of it. Click the image to play the movie.

Among some of the popular misconceptions about water fluoridation is that simply drinking it will protect your teeth from cavities, when in fact fluoride needs to be applied topically to even have any effect, which is dubious at best. A recent study showed that fluoride paste is worn off in seconds when chewing, rendering it useless against the protection of cavities.

Additionally, tooth decay has declined worldwide, regardless of the status of the water fluoridation. This is simply a result of hygiene and tooth brush technology.

Rates of tooth decay worldwide

Rates of tooth decay worldwide

In fact, one of the 1st world countries with the best rates of tooth decay in children is Denmark and the Netherlands with 0.8 DMFT’s (decayed, missing and filled teeth) and has NO water fluoridation or salt fluoridation while the US with its heavy water fluoridation (more than 50% of municipalities) has a rate of 1.28 DMFT’s. Other counties with rates better than the US without any fluoridation are Sweden, Italy, Belgium and Finland. (Source: World Health Organization) There are also counties with and without fluoridation that are both better and worse than the US and I think this is merely a result of the habits and priorities and quality of the preventive care of the populace.

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