Welcome to In Context!

Here you will find information on public affairs issues with commentary by In Context host Ken MacDermotRoe, In Context military affairs commentator Marchand MacDermotRoe and In Context producer Gus Cantavero, as well as, links to In Context radio programs, podcasts and videos.  We would like to hear your opinion. So please feel free to post comments. Also, be sure to subscribe to this blog so you can be updated on our show schedule with announcements of times, topics and guests!

In Context including our monthly War Reports and programs from Ken’s earlier series History Counts are, also, archived at radio4all and podcast there and via iTunes.

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1 Response to Welcome to In Context!

  1. Jon Edenholm says:

    Wanted to send this note as a thank you for what you guys are doing…. I heard the war report for the first time today. I found it captivating and am HOOKED ! It’s so refreshing and I am going to (discreetly ) plug the show an MY radio show on WVKR 91.3 fm (Vassar Radio , Poughkeepsie) .. It’s the only way I know to do my part.
    thanks ! Jonny
    Bachelor Pad at Colony 3

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