Last night’s show

Here’s the link to the podcast for last night’s show. We had a conversation about Libya and Japan and got in depth into the possible motivations behind Obama’s “kinetic military action”, also known as military intervention.

Here is a list of the articles we covered on the show:

“Libyan Rebels” Create Central Bank, Oil Company
‘US orders media silence over Bahrain’
350 British special forces already deep inside Libya
America’s secret plan to arm Libya’s rebels
Costs of Libya Operation Already Piling Up
Who are the Libyan Freedom Fighters and Their Patrons?
Coalition “friendly fire” kills 13 Libyan rebels
Ivory Coast: aid workers find 1,000 bodies in Duekoue
Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links

Japanese mayor urges evacuation after discovering government ignored, misled him and his people about true dangers of nuclear fallout
Going Critical
Japan nuclear crisis: Fukushima 50 ‘expect to die’
Japan plant radioactivity 10,000 times standard
Radiation detected in Massachusetts rainwater as Fukushima crisis worsens
Radioactive Material Found in Illinois

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