Podcast of last night’s show and reports of Bin Laden’s death

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Last night we began the show with Rick Rozoff of STOP NATO talking about the Libyan intervention and the implications of the NATO wars spreading into Africa. Then we talked about the Obama birth certificate fraud and learned live on air that the government was now reporting the death of Osama Bin Laden. We detailed the reason for our suspicion of this news since it was reported by many sources that Bin Laden had actually died in December of 2001 from kidney disease. It was reported that a CIA liaison had actually escorted Bin Laden to a US facility where he received kidney dialysis in Dubai, which the CIA later denied. Other reports say that he died of a lung infection, but either way all foreign intelligence agencies were in agreement that he was dead between December 2001, and early 2002 at the latest.

Last night Obama made it clear that the war on terror is not over and that Al Qaeda will be even more vigilant to attack us. This means that the assaults on our liberties will only intensify and the wars on terror will have to escalate even further. But now there is a patriotic fervor added to the situation to increase people’s willingness to capitulate. There are now threats that nuclear weapons are buried in Europe and prepared to go off. There was also a report of 160 nuclear bombs hidden in American cities.

For some reason, Obama gave kill orders for the mission. Why he wouldn’t want him captured to try an ascertain more information I have no idea. After the news came out of his death we are given proof positive that a DNA test has verified Bin Laden’s identity and then his body was buried at sea in supposed accordance with religious laws. Although as it turns out this was was not at all in accordance with any religious laws and actually violate their laws and risk further counterattacks! The CIA ran this mission from Langley where they watched the mission live. Last night on air we asked whether it would turn out that this information was ascertained via waterboarding in order to justify the government’s torture methods. Well today in the LA Times I found this quote:

Crucial information about the trusted courier who owned the compound came years ago from CIA interrogations of 9-11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohamed, the official said. This is significant, because the Al Qaeda mastermind was subject to waterboarding and other brutal interrogation methods.

“We were able to get pieces of information from detainees,” the official said. “That took years and these guys don’t give it up all willingly.”

All I can say is that these stories are as predictable as a formulaic romantic comedy. We’ve all seen those movies where the girl learns something disappointing about her love interest who somehow figures out a way to prove his worth and win her love back at the end of the movie. You can tell within the first 10 minutes what will happen and that he’ll eventually win her back and it’s not because we’ve seen the movie before, but because we know the formula that’s been used. However, unfortunately in today’s political climate we are unable to verify anything the government claims, we have only two choices: accept their stories or be called conspiracy theorists.

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