Bin Laden fairytale shows more cracks by the minute

It’s already been documented how many times the story on the killing of Osama Bin Laden has been changed, but only 6 days old the story changes so often I can’t even stay on top of it. I even fear posting this should something else come out within minutes.

It wasn’t enough that the White House reversed its stance on the basics of the confrontation: it was reported that Bin Laden was armed, in a million dollar mansion, used his wife as a human shield as he fired back with an AK47 at the SEALS. He was then double tapped in the head. We were told that the SEALS would have taken him alive if it were possible. And this happened all while President Obama and his staff watched live at the CIA headquarters, also see this. There was even a photo as proof that showed Obama watching pensively and Hillary holding her hand over her mouth in disgust. Then they reportedly took a DNA test, and photos of the dead body which they promptly dumped in the ocean in accordance with Wahabist law. Then Sen. Scott Brown said that he saw the photos and can assure us that Bin Laden is dead. CIA director Leon Panneta said that the photos and or video would be released within days.

Now for the revision: The house was actually a dilapidated and crumbling house that looked more like a crack house then a mansion, he was unarmed, he was shot once in the head and once in the chest and didn’t use anyone as a shield. The woman was shot in the leg and was a victim of cross fire. It was also revealed that Obama gave kill orders and that this was not a mission to capture alive. Now we learn that Obama didn’t watch live because the feed was out for up to 25 minutes. The photo op of the staff gathered in the room watching the feed? They were just waiting for an update. Hillary’s hand over her mouth? Her alergies were bothering her and she was holding back a cough. The photo Sen. Scott Brown saw? Oh it was one of the fakes circulating the internet. The photos we were promised? Sorry, they’re too inflamatory.

With the recurring fraud taking place on a daily, no, hourly basis in the White House, it’s time we withdrew all support from the crew of lying gangsters running this country and demand some actual honesty? I think with the recent revelations regarding the birth certificate fraud and now this we must question everything this administration says at every level. Though, one thing remains consistent: an utter lack of respect for the American citizen’s intelligence.

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