Airline maintenance outsourced to third world

A recent report by KIRO 7 in Seattle found that many large airlines are outsourcing their repairs to a Aeroman based in El Salvador. Their mechanics are paid a mere $2 an hour. To be fair, the people in that region live on only $2 to $3 a day, so this is considered a very desirable job. They service jets from airlines like Southwest, US Air, Jet Blue and Frontier. Delta and United use other foreign facilities to repair their jets.

KIRO 7 reporter Chris Halsne attempted to gain access to the facility but was denied a tour. From the fence line and from interviews with locals he could ascertain that many of the employees are only inexperienced teenagers who don’t speak english and can’t read the repair manuals. All of this saves the airlines money, lots of money on repair costs and crews, but what are the ramifications?

The third world is not necessarily known for having the best safety record for employees, nor providing for the best education either. I am always an advocate for workers finding a better source of employment, but this tests my tolerance to the extreme. The better technicians are not certified or educated any more than the beginners, they are just workers who have been around longer or who are more well connected. This is just another example of cheaper inexperienced labor being favored over expensive Americans while accepting the risks associated with it. The risks have been documented and so far no planes have crashed but some have had to make emergency landings and equipment has failed in flight due to door seals being installed backwards and wiring being improperly installed. Not only are lives at stake in the air, but what about security at these facilities? Countries like El Salvador are notorious for nepotism and bribery when it comes to good paying jobs. If the threat of terrorism is as the US government claims it is, then how are we allowing our airplanes to be serviced in a country with no security? Couldn’t a terrorist sneak in or bribe his way in to sabotage an airplane so that it fails in flight or has a remote detonation device buried in the frame? Sorry, did I just give them a good idea?

Additionally, and more tangibly, since we’ve documented the terror threats are mostly fraudulent and exacerbated by the CIA and FBI employing dimwitted fools to carry out staged events(see 1993 WTC bombing, Sears tower plot) , what about the further loss of quality American jobs? This is just another example of cheap foreign labor being used to drive down the American standard of living. We have a chicken and egg scenario, people want cheap prices but also need to make a good living. How can they afford anything if they don’t make a decent salary? As their wages get dropped lower, even Americans won’t be able to afford to fly, no matter how many cost cutting moves the giants of industry take. Before long the cost of fuel and outrageous security demands will drive the ticket prices much higher and flying will be reserved for the wealthy. These kind of focused attacks on our wages will continue until the entire world lives on the same standard. Of course there will be a few pockets of elite communities that exist to rule their local fiefdoms, so perhaps you can look forward to being a house boy or girl? Just remember not to look the master in the eyes or you’ll find yourself kicked outside the gate. That is the New World Order and it’s well under way.

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3 Responses to Airline maintenance outsourced to third world

  1. Richard Wyeroski says:

    Your very right about the situation with US Airlines. The FAA had allowed hundreds of overseas repair stations to be certified knowing full well that they did not have the man power to properly regulated or inspect these facilities.

    FAA amazingly has destroyed our very own US based maintenance facilities by granting certification to these third world maintenance shops.

    European maintenance facilities have also suffered this situation as well, by being unable to compete with the low pay of unlicensed mechanics and laborers. It is typical for these inferior and dangerous third world aviation companies to do vital inspections for 20-30 cents on the dollar compared to well run and safe US and European companies

    Terrorism is a very real potential here, since these third world companies are not required to do back ground checks, finger printing and have little or no security.

    How stupid are we when we spend BILLIONS here at home groping and x-ray our good citizens while the crap is allowed to continue overseas!

    Has 9/11 taught us anything???

    Richard Wyeroski
    former FAA Safety Inspector
    FAA Whistleblowers Alliance member

  2. LL says:

    That’s correct Rich! This stop gap measure of incompetent foreign service is like a band aid to cover an axe wound. I wonder who is accepting moolah under the table to allow such practices to continue. The lack of urgency on this issue not being addressed by the FAA just goes to show that in the end, only the rich will afford to fly just like 75 yrs ago. Funnily enough, the more things change the more they remain the same.

    • It get even worse, if that is possible. The Congress back in 2006 had asked Homeland Security to look into why the FAA is not inspecting foreign facilities that they have certified.

      Almost 700 0f these foreign repair facilities had been certified between 2001-2007. Things changed when the FAA management at 800 Independence Avenue, that was responsible for this madness was forced to retire when they were caught misleading Congress in the Southwest hearings back in 2008.

      Richard Wyeroski

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