One Bomb, No America

What if our nation’s enemies possessed a weapon that could not only destroy our country’s infrastructure but also effectively eliminate our national defenses?  Imagine, if you will, that this weapon was possessed by country that seeks the destruction of the United States and has the means to deliver such weapons over our shores.  What if the clock was ticking down to our nation’s Armageddon?

An explosion occurs in the skies over the United States and within moments all electrical equipment is fried.  Everything from cars to cell phone ceases functioning.  Emergency services are rendered useless because their vehicles will not start and their radios will not transmit.  NORTHCOMM cannot communicate with our troops stationed across the United States and as a result, our entire military apparatus is paralyzed.  At this moment, our country has been thrown irrevocably back into the Stone Age, leaving us at the mercy of our enemies.

The scenario I just posed is not from some new age science fiction novel, nor is it the premise of a big Hollywood motion picture film, rather, it is the modern day’s greatest weapon and therefore the greatest threat to our national security. The Electro Magnetic Pulse weapon.

According to many sources in the National Security world, including former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Armchair General Magazine, and EMPact America, just to name a few, the EMP threat is our nation’s Achilles Heel. It is a rather simple device, usually consisting of a small nuclear warhead detonated in the atmosphere. This would, because of the nuclear explosion, release a giant Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP). The EMP would short circuit everything that functions off electricity.  However, it would not just temporarily short circuit but destroy all electronic material nationwide.

This is why EMP technology has become the interest of our enemies such as China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. With a single blast they could negate our technological advantage and simply march onto our shores.  Most likely, we would not realize that an invasion was taking place until we notice Chinese or Russian paratroopers in our streets.

China in particular has been making technological advances which we didn’t think possible for another 20 years, namely the creation of the Chinese Chengdu J-20 Stealth Fighter.  See the video interview of Russian military expert Ruslan Pukhov on China’s new Stealth technology.

Additionally, China has demonstrated its development of advanced submarine warfare by apparently launching a missile from a submarine off the coast of Los Angeles on November 8, 2010.  See the video report of Ramon Galindo of RT Los Angeles bureau as to the many witnesses who saw the missile.  Also, see the article reporting that military experts believed the missile to be of Chinese origin.

We forget that the end of the Cold War was only a temporary hiatus and now both Russia and China seek any military advantage they can to eclipse us as the world’s great super power. We also possess vast amounts of unpopulated land, which to the Chinese who are suffering from severe over population, approximately 1.4 Billion people, is a rather tempting target.

We must be aware that a new war may very well be on the horizon. We cannot continue to ignore the growing threat to our national security or else we may suffer a greater disaster than has ever been inflicted upon us before. We must remember the price for ignoring the dangers around us, such as, the use of carrier based aircraft which was foreseen by Billy Mitchell years before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Let us not repeat history when we ignore the EMP threat.

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