Ron Paul Wins New Hampshire Straw Poll

Ron Paul won by huge margin the New Hampshire Young Republican straw poll yesterday, August 20, 2011. Paul came in first with 45 percent of the 302 votes cast while Mitt Romney, former Governor of nearby Massachusetts and a media dubbed “front runner” received only 10 percent in his second place finish. Other media dubbed “front runners”, Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann, received a scant 8 and 5 percent, respectively.

In a recent satirical piece, Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central’s Daily Show, lampooned the networks for ignoring the libertarian Paul while lavishing coverage on his rivals. So why does the corporate media treat Ron Paul this way?

Simple. In calling for an immediate end to America’s costly foreign wars and an end to the privately owned Federal Reserve’s control of the economy, Paul threatens the very foundation of our corporate controlled government. Other presidential candidates with similar populist positions have received the same poor treatment from the major media whether those candidates were Republican, Democrat or Independent.

Recall Democrat candidate Jerry Brown whose opposition to the Persian Gulf War, the North American Free Trade Agreement and the income tax code resonated with voters in 1992.  After running well against Goldman Sachs backed Bill Clinton in early primaries, Brown was effectively smeared as anti-Jewish in the New York primary.  After he won, Clinton pushed NAFTA through Congress and his Treasury Secretary, Goldman Sachs’ Robert Rubin, engineered the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act which had separated commercial banks from the more risk taking investment banks – a move which played a huge role in causing the current economic disaster.

And remember independent candidate Ross Perot? In 1992, Perot’s populist stance against NAFTA won widespread support in the general election campaign. Perot, also, opposed the Persian Gulf War. As Perot closed in on the two major party candidates in the fall of 1992, unsubstantiated stories appeared in the corporate media suggesting that he was mentally unstable. By knocking Perot down, the media left the voters with a choice between Democrat Clinton and Republican Bush – both of whom supported NAFTA.

So the corporate media is pulling out its bag of tricks to defeat Ron Paul – this year’s anti-war, anti-Wall Street champion. They have started out by ignoring and marginalizing him. However, as indicated by yesterday’s New Hampshire straw poll, the voters may have the temerity to vote for Ron Paul anyway. If so, the corporate big shots will, no doubt, move to the offensive.  It may get nasty.  A lot is at stake.


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