Libyan war propaganda: Forced to choose between NATO imperialism and Gadaffi the dictator

I am personally offended that I am forced to choose sides in this war with Libya. My choices are a thug dictator in Gaddafi who’s stood for 40 years or NATO imperialism led by U.S., French and British colonialists and their Al Qaeda surrogate fighters. Make no mistake, this war is about oil (currently controlled by a state oil company) and the 144 tons of gold that Libya holds. This is not a liberation, but an elaborate heist. This is not a popular uprising, but a sophisticated war by proxy through extremist puppets. The U.S. has fought wars before with Al Qaeda, although back then they were known as the Mujahideen. Think back to Afghanistan of 1979 when a little known son of a wealthy Saudi oil family rose to prominence to become the leader of a large group of well funded and supplied freedom fighters. This man was later known as the infamous Osama Bin Laden and he was selected and fostered by none other than Zbigniew Brzezinski, former national security advisor to Jimmy Carter and involved in many other administrations. It was also exposed that Bin Laden was knowingly working with the U.S. up until the date of 9/11 according to FBI translator Sibel Edmonds who was finally put under oath in 2009.

Keep in mind that under the guidance of NATO the first thing the so called rebels did was to set up a private central bank. Like in Iraq, I’m sure one of the first things that will happen after Gaddafi is removed is to invite outside oil companies to send in bids for control of the drilling. NATO has been in complete control of this so-called revolution from the start by providing instruction, guidance, weapons, coordination and even leadership. NATO has to keep an iron grip on these rebels because they are plagued by in-fighting and can’t be trusted to handle this alone. It’s even been reported that the rebels have called in air strikes on each other to prevent their rivals from gaining too much ground and being in control at the end. This is what’s really behind the reports you hear about NATO killing the rebels by accident.

Not only is NATO in control of the fighting but they are also in charge of the information war as well. Western media has been acting as spies inside Libya for months sending back coordinates and intel of Libyan army movements and check points which are later bombed. As if that was not enough NATO snipers have actually attacked independant journalists. Franklin Lamb was shot in the leg while walking around his hotel. Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya was shot at while attempting to put a sign on the top of the hotel that said “PRESS” to alert any attackers of the contents of the building. Listen to this interview on Russia Today with Nazemroaya about his first hand accounts of violence and misinformation campaigns by western media.

Our nobel peace laureate president, Obama said that this campaign would “last days, not weeks”. We’re now into the 6th month and up against the September deadline for the final push that was set at the Bilderberg meeting in July. This just stands as more proof of the power of the Bilderberg group.

On one hand we have NATO’s constant wars of aggression, Al Qaeda death squads, racial cleansing and beheading of black Africans who were protected before the rebels took over, media propaganda, targeted assassinations, lawless societal breakdown and gang fighting. On the other we have a thug dictator who didn’t tolerate any opposition but created stability, peace, wealth, free higher education and state health care, a public state bank, a state oil company, modern infrastructure and freedom of travel and press.

NATO needs to get out of the way and let the Libyan people decide what’s good or bad for them. The citizens of Tripoli are armed and taking part in the struggle. Would an oppressed group of civilians stand with their hated dictator like this? Would they withstand months of bombardment and attack? If you think logically, NATO has made Gaddafi look like a hero to his people by putting so many civilians in hospitals. But it’s clear that winning the popularity contest is not what NATO wants, they just want the oil and gold and then they’ll leave.

It’s obvious the initial propaganda used to get into this conflict was completely fabricated from the beginning. And even though, there is no slowing of momentum. That is a sign of a group of complete sociopaths. Even though they’ve been caught in a lie or shown that their reasons were wrong they still push through and pursue their goals regardless of support or justification. At first it was a civilian intervention because Gaddafi was killing his own people. But since that was proven false it’s escalated to an all out war because Gaddafi is a jerk who’s overstayed his welcome on the world stage. Obama and his NATO counterparts look like demonic goblins possessed by a blood lust that won’t stop until the streets of Tripoli are flowing red with civilian blood. This war needs to end now for the sake of the civilians whose lives have been torn apart by this selfish violence. And besides, we have to finish this up quickly because it’s time we move on to attacking Syria and Iran.

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