CNN relies on biased polls to reassure establishment and knock Ron Paul

The new poll being touted by CNN has Rick Perry taking a huge lead among republican voters and dropping Ron Paul to a mere 6% after Gallup had him in 3rd place only last week with 13%.

When you look at the polling data however you will see that it was only a very small group of people polled (467) and that they were all southern suburbanites of over 50 years of age. Gallup polled over 1,000 people living in all 50 states for comparison. In that same poll, Ron Paul polled at 29% among 18-29 year olds.

Paul understandably polls lower with voters over 50. Older voters are more concerned with protecting social security and medicare after they’ve paid into the system their whole lives while younger citizens are more likely to opt out if given the chance. Paul is widely known as an opponent of social programs, but doesn’t advocate shutting them down immediately. He is in favor of giving the benefits to those who have paid into them, but he is consistently slandered as wanting to throw old people out on the street.

This southern, older bias would explain the sudden resurgence of non-factor Newt Gingrich and his double-talk. After fighting for NAFTA and GATT and supporting the WTO it’s a shock to me that he can show his face again. The damage that those programs did to our economy is almost incalculable. Yet he has the guts to show up to the republican debates and talk about creating jobs and saving the economy? His home state is Georgia and is basically the only place he has any name recognition.

Demographics, while often insulting and stereotypical are very useful when discussing trends and skewed statistics. These numbers are significant because older Americans typically don’t use the internet with the same regularity as people under 40. Older Americans typically get most of their information from TV, radio or print news while younger people tend not to trust mainstream sources of information and prefer to sample different viewpoints on the internet from blogs, forums, youtube videos and podcasts. If we’ve figured out anything, it’s that the mainstream sources of news do not want Ron Paul to win in a general election because it would be very bad for their parent companies and advertisers who make their profits by controlling the various federal departments with their planted corporate puppet appointees. In addition he would put the brakes on the our corrupt military industrial complex and their globalist agenda.

The mainstream media is losing its mandate, but continues to strut and bluster about it’s own significance in its role as kingmaker. See the below image for poll data showing shrinking trust in mainstream news.

Graph depicting declining trust in mainstream media from 1991 to 2010

News corp., owner of Fox News and many newspapers, while firmly entrenched as establishment mouthpieces, still try to portray themselves as outsiders by talking about their competition in CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS (who are way behind in the ratings) as “the media”. Yet, Fox is as much a part of the mainstream establishment biased media as any of the others. They play their part in towing the party line and backing the selections of the establishment GOP, banks and corporations who stand to gain by buying a term in the white house. What’s interesting in that polling data is that the democrats and liberals poll much higher with trusting the television and print news. This might be a case-in-point to the accusations of a liberal bias in the media. Democrats like the news more than anyone because they’re the choir and they like the preaching.

Regardless of whether people trust the news, the tv or radio serves as constant background noise in most houses. Having this rubbish permeating your sub conscience is allowing it be downloaded by your subliminal mind and will make you more easily swayed by repeated mantras that you cannot argue with. News is a one-way transmission and the absence of a dissenting view on controlled platforms, while discrediting to a keen viewer, is very persuasive to the casual observer. Often commentators are introduced as experts from some foundation or another, but once you get to know who these characters are you’ll realize that they’re nothing more than actors introduced for the purpose of gaining your trust so you’ll accept their views without question.

So why does the establishment media want Rick Perry, Mitt Romney or Sarah Palin? Because they are compromised political hacks who care more about fame and fortune than public service and furthering the cause of liberty. In the current field, only Ron Paul stands alone as a defender of liberty and an opponent of corporate hegemony. I highly recommend his recent book “Liberty Defined” for common sense breakdowns of all the pivotal issues for anyone willing to learn about his views.

Your news is selling you an agenda and you need to figure out why. In the mean time, keep up your guard whenever your TV is on and don’t allow yourself to become a receptacle for agenda driven slag.

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