Upcoming schedule and fundraising, 9/19, 9/20, 9/26

Hi, a scheduling announcement for you:

On air live, tomorrow, Monday, September 19th from 12pm-1pm. It is fundraising time at WPKN so call in with your generous donations during our time on the air to help support WPKN.. AND public affairs! The number for donations is 203-384-9756. We will be offering the movie Tapped, an exposé on the bottled water industry’s slick advertising and lax ethics as part of our premium package.

On Tuesday night, September 20th we will be guests on the Bridgeport public access show, Bridgeport Now that airs live at 8pm. As I understand it, the call in phone number will be announced during the show. It is also streamed at the website for the Soundview Theater.

We will also be on the air again next Monday the 26th from 12pm to 1pm. We will be joined by Michael Murphy, the director of the chemtrail documentary “What In The World Are They Spraying?“. We will be offering it as a premium package.

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