The Looming War With Iran

For the first time since the end of the Second World War we are looking at the very real possibility of a global war.  This war could engulf not only the Middle East but also spread to Asia, Europe and even to the continental United States.

The United States seems to be beyond all reason in its desire to attack Iran.  The American pundits and indeed many of the European pundits believe that we could destroy the Iranian Navy and Air Force in a matter of days, much the same way that we destroyed the Iraqi military in 2003. However, to compare the Iranian Armed Force at present to the Iraqi Armed Forces in 2003 is absurd.

Firstly, in 2003 Iraq had been under sanctions for 11 years.  Iraq was isolated with few friends in the international community. Secondly, Iraq had not received very much in terms of military aid from abroad. Saddam’s forces were largely equipped with old Soviet era weaponry. Thirdly, the morale of the Iraqi Army was incredibly poor. Most Iraqi soldiers were demoralized from their defeat in the 1980 – 1988 Iran – Iraq War and that morale only sank lower with years of crippling sanctions.

In stark contrast, Iran has been receiving not only economic but military aid from both Russia and China. Russia and China have additionally pledged their undying support to Iran. Russia has signed a Mutual Defense Treaty with Iran and Major General Zhang Zhaozhong of the Chinese National Defense University declared China was willing to launch World War III in order to defend Iran.

Additionally, with the help of trade with Russia and China, Iranians have maintained a high standard of living and as a result, support for the government is very strong. Foreign sanctions, which might diminish that standard of living, are only rallying people to support the government of the only Islamic Republic in the world.

Furthermore, the Iranian military is technologically very advanced. They managed to bring down a top secret CIA Stealth Drone by, some suspect, intercepting the GPS signal from the satellite to the drone and telling the drone to land safely inside Iran. While I am sure it was Russian or Chinese technology that made this possible, the fact is that if Iran has the capabilities of intercepting our GPS signals, they could completely disorient and confuse our entire military. The entire US Military relies on GPS for everything from land navigation to guided bombs such as Cruise Missiles and JDAMS.

Most importantly of all, Russia has openly admitted that they have sold S-300 Surface to Air Missile Systems to Iran. It is believed that these missiles are capable of bringing down the latest in US Military hardware. Russia has also reportedly sold Iran the Avtobaza ground-based electronic intelligence and jamming system, which is suspected to have brought down the RQ-170 Surveillance Drone. Moreover, the Iranian Kosar/Shahab 5 Intercontinental Ballistic Missile appears to have been developed with the help of the Chinese Aeronautics Industry.

The American people must realize that a war with Iran will not be a quick and simple one. We are not taking on a demoralized and battered force, like in Iraq, or a bunch of rag tag farmers, like in Afghanistan. We are picking a fight with a country that is not only equipped with the latest in Chinese and Russian Military hardware, but also has military alliances with the Chinese and the Russians. Make no mistake, if we attack Iran we may very well find ourselves engulfed in another World War and one that may bring the fighting to the streets of America. China alone can field one soldier for every American citizen and roughly 10 million Chinese males reach military age every year. Add the Russian Armed Forces to the mix and we are looking at a war unlike any we have ever seen.

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