Ignoring Ron Paul: Establishment Goes Into Propaganda Overdrive

Ron Paul during Myrtle Beach debate

MYRTLE BEACH, SC - JANUARY 16: Republican presidential candidates, former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich and U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) (Photo by Charles Dharapa-Pool/Getty Images)

There is no way around it, the republican AND democrat establishment not only deliberately ignores, but clearly fears Ron Paul and his peace agenda. Much of today’s main sleaze media is actually op-ed masquerading as unbiased hard news reporting. When a story is read on one of the primary networks it is always followed with a panel of so called experts. They inevitably do their best to sway public opinion by pre-digesting and interpreting the stories for the viewer. Even if the viewer is someone who can think for their self, the one-way transmission is essentially a download into the viewer. In the early part of the primary cycle the buzz about Ron Paul was that he was ignored, then as his movement grew and participants kept dropping out of the running, the blatant lack of coverage turned into mocking and misrepresentation. The most shocking part of this coverage is that it is consistent across networks regardless of angle. The interesting thing about Ron Paul is that he is equally appealing across political spectrums. This is why Ron Paul polls the best among democrats, independents and minority groups. One would think that this would make him the most electable among the republican candidates in a general election, yet the most repeated phrase by the pundits on all networks is that he is “un-electable”.

The modern American is trained from grade school to not think, but instead to accept and regurgitate. In high school social studies or English, if a topic is discussed, the essay written in response had better be in agreement or the student will have a hill to climb to maintain a passing grade. Dissent is simply not tolerated in modern American society. American’s go from school, to college where they take classes they aren’t interested in, memorizing, repeating, and discarding information in 15-week cycles, unless of course you have a cumulative final, perish the thought. We then graduate and some of us move into the corporate hierarchy where we are expected to agree with our superiors in order to be branded as a team player. Those who question their bosses are willingly putting their necks on the chopping blocks or are risking being passed over for promotion lest we make our bosses look bad. This strategy is what produces the rampant ineptitude at the highest levels of our industries and government.

As adults, we are treated like grade school students with flashy graphics and rapidly changing segments full of opinion and spin, interrupted every few minutes by drug and car ads. Hearing a constant stream of intellectually dishonest spin will confuse anyone, even the smartest among us. It’s scientifically proven that the flicker rates of television and rapid graphics subdue the alpha waves of the human mind, essentially putting us into a catatonic daydream state, perfectly fit for brainwashing.  Have you ever turned to someone you were watching TV with and said, “Wow, did you hear what he just said?” and they reply “Oh I wasn’t listening” even though they were looking right at the TV. I know I’ve personally experienced that many times. It’s also shown that the more TV you watch, the quicker one enters this trance state. Your mind is literally battling for control of your consciousness, but it cannot keep up with the barrage of information coming at it. Eventually your mind will succumb and begin to relax, at which point it just downloads and accepts. At this point your mind is being programmed so it can regurgitate the memorized information at a later time. When a brainwashed democrat meets a brainwashed republican they repeat the mantras they downloaded from their favorite networks to each other, getting nowhere. They come away from the meeting convinced that the other is an idiot.

When talking to people about Ron Paul, particularly republicans, the first response I get is that “he has great ideas, I really like him, but it’s too bad he’s not electable”. When I talk to independents or democrats I typically hear that they really like him and hope he runs as an independent. If republicans were serious about winning elections they would seek to expand their party, but instead they seem pre-occupied with simply maintaining a stranglehold on the minds of their base. The options in this year’s elections with the exception of Ron Paul, offer no discernible difference in terms of their stance on personal liberties, war, the economy, the drug war and foreign relations. Yet, the coverage is obsessed with the personalities and past inconsistencies of the candidates. The media does its utmost to avoid talking about the actual policies of the candidates. The only time pundits mention policy, is to go out their way to say that Ron Paul’s policy is dangerous or that he’s an isolationist. In reality, Paul has really attractive stances for democrats in that he wants to de-criminalize victimless drug possession, end capital punishment, end the wars and promote peace abroad. He also has many platforms that should appeal to republicans such as securing our border with Mexico (which is now officially more dangerous than Afghanistan), ending the Federal Reserve and re-establish the treasury to create debt free currency. He wants to eliminate corrupt federal agencies, which add miles of red tape and reduce our competitiveness.

Both right and left leaning outlets are beholden to their party’s establishment candidates regardless of how much of a let down they may be. Obama has let down the left in every conceivable way by essentially continuing the policy of George W. Bush on all foreign policy decisions and enraged the right by continuing the destructive bailouts and corporate welfare, which Bush began. Obama has done nothing but dole out handouts to all special interest groups. Outlets like MSNBC, almost completely irrelevant in terms of ratings, have been working overtime to apologize and explain away Obama’s policies in ways that appear logical on their face to left leaning and progressive Americans. The response I often hear from democrats is that they believe Obama has done the best he could have done, granted the awful hand he was dealt. Given our skyrocketing debt, slipping education, declining health, increasing poverty and standing on the precipice of a 3rd World War I cannot accept that conclusion.

Obama is running unopposed by the Democratic Party and yet the establishment media does not question this. In addition, they show their true colors by not desiring a candidate from the right who will actually push Obama to be intellectually honest in the debates and his campaign promises. If the media were actually interested in the best interests of our country’s future then they would want an intellectually honest debate to find out who the best leader for our country is. Instead, the left backs up Obama 100% and the right wants anyone BUT Ron Paul.

Ron Paul represents a separation from the team sport mentality of right versus left that the establishment media represents and promotes. Ron Paul is as much a politician as he is an educator. If the American public broke from their flicker rate programed trance and stopped accepting the talking points of unqualified pundits then their gravy train of false status and privilege could be in real danger for the first time since the inception of televised news.

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