Liberty News and War Report for 2/27/12

Here are the weekly youtube episodes of the In Context Liberty News and War Reports!

In the Liberty news we talked about the segment on Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell where he attacked Ron Paul on the birth control issue by jumping to conclusions after playing a clip of one sentence from a series of exchanges. We do our best to set the record straight and show how unprofessional O’Donnell is. Then we discuss the Wyoming doomsday bill and the importance of preparedness.

In the War Report we discuss the recent developments in the lead up to a potential war with Syria and Iran including the Tunisia conference called the “Friends of Syria” attended by the US, Italy, UK, France and Turkey. Then we talk about the upgraded Russian electronics in Syria and the US involvement in arming the Syrian Al-Qaeda rebels. We also talk about the US intelligence report that states Iran has no intent of creating a nuclear bomb.

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