The TSA is not just wasteful spending, it is publicly funded abuse

I wanted to share an info graphic sent to use by a reader. It’s spot on and definitely reflects our feelings on the TSA and the fraudulent “terror screening”. My favorite part of the graphic is that you have an equal chance of dying from a terror attack as you do from getting cancer from a single exposure to the body scanners. Of course if you’re an attractive woman you will get multiple exposures per flight so they can “get a better look”. Considering how the TSA is under so much scrutiny right now it stands as a testament to the pigheadedness of our government. Only an arrogant dictatorship would continue a program that is run by thugs who are so busy groping, robbing and bullying people to actually catch the weapons passing through security, albeit by unwitting passengers. I don’t call that security, I call it a mugging. The TSA are more like the mythical trolls that demand gold to use their bridges than friendly public servants. I haven’t flown in years and I hope I never have to as long as the TSA is standing in the way.

TSA Waste
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