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Podcast for The War Report, EMP’s and Russian Subs

If you missed the energetic broadcast today you can hear this month’s podcast of the war report here. It was a follow up of questions and issues raised by callers on last weeks show about the lack of national defenses … Continue reading

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In Context’s War Report, Monday at noon

Tune in this Monday, April 30 at noon when we’ll be joined by In Context’s Military Affairs Commentator Marchand MacDermotRoe for our monthly War Report, a round-up of military and geo-political developments in the global wars. In this edition, we’ll … Continue reading

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Podcast for 4-23-12: Rebuilding America

The podcast for yesterday’s show. Despite getting sidetracked a few times, we managed to spend most of the hour discussing ideas to reinvigorate the American economy, public health and education with many ideas large and small.

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In Context, Monday at Noon

How can we reverse the steady decline of the middle class, restore growth to the American economy and turn back the assault on our civil rights?  Join us Monday, April 23, 2012 at noon as we lay out some specific … Continue reading

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Podcast for April 17th, 2012: The Buffet Rule

To listen to yesterday’s podcast please use this link. We discussed the “Buffet Rule”, Obama’s proposed new tax plan to increase the rates at which millionaires are taxed. Then we talked about the many ways in which we waste money … Continue reading

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Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Part 1, Coastal Defense

In this first edition of a multi-part series entitled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” we take a look at the United States’ coastal defense weaknesses and how it needs to be upgraded to keep our nation safe as we move into the … Continue reading

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In Context, Monday at Noon

Join us on Monday, April 16, 2012 at noon. Our discussion will include the proposed Buffet Rule to tax millionaires, the need to increase the minimum wage and the Supreme Court’s green light for strip searching citizens. Call-in during the … Continue reading

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