Audio of today’s War Report

To listen to the audio of today’s War Report, The Russian Challenge Part 1, please click here.


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1 Response to Audio of today’s War Report

  1. Rick Horocholyn says:

    I take issue with your version of Russian history. First, they are Slavs and not descendants of Vikings. Scandinavians formed the ruling class in the Middle Ages thru conquest, similarly to the Mongols controlling China without being themselves Chinese. Second, Moscow was a sideline city that did not resist the Mongol invasion, which explains why Russians show higher cheekbones than their more southerly Slav brethren. Kiev resisted the Mongols and was destroyed as a result. This was fortuitous, though, for Poland as this helped prevent the Mongols moving further west into Western Europe. This second point leads me to dispute your sense that Russians are natural warriors, since they did not fight the Mongols but rather acceded to them.

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