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In Context Liberty News and War Report


The College Tuition Crisis

Outsmart Your Cancer

An Introduction to State Owned Banks

History Counts videos:

Who Killed Bobby? with Shane O’Sullivan

Why Did The World Trade Center Collapse on 9/11 with Steven Jones

Israel’s Assault on the U.S.S. Liberty with James Ennis

The Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King with William Pepper (Parts 1-3)


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  1. In your piece called “An Introduction to State Owned Banking,” you ask the question, “Why wouldn’t a state use state-owned banking?” I have one answer. Our county pays Bank of America $50,000 to hold about half the county’s money and administer the county’s checking account. If we were to open a county public bank, the annual energy bill might be $50,000 let alone paying the bank president, the various clerks, the janitor and the maintenance man, the insurance, etc., etc. It makes $50,000/year look cheap! BOA can do it because they already have a building, a president, clerks, janitors, maintenance, insurance, energy and water. Therefore, by way of economies of scale, BOA can administer the county’s money for only $50,000/yr. The ROI on the state-owned bank’s ventures would have to be considerable to pay for all the costs of a building and the people to run it.

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