War Report Episode #3

In this episode of the War Report we discuss the strategic importance of the Ukraine. Why does the EU and the US have such a vested interest in bringing the Ukraine into NATO? Why is the Ukraine of such strategic importance to Russia? Why is the world ready to go to war over Ukraine? All this and more, on the War Report.

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2 Responses to War Report Episode #3

  1. rhoro says:

    Good grief. I’ve already says this one before. Kiev was not the centre of Russia at the time of the Mongols. They were all city states, and what is now Russia was then Muscovy. Moscow did not resist the Mongols and even intermingled, while Kiev resisted and was destroyed. Get your history right, Marchand.

    • Ken says:

      Thanks very much for bringing this up and for watching. As you suggest, the Russian state emerged from Muscovy. Had it not been for the Mongols it may have emerged from Kiev as it was the economic, cultural and political center of the Rus. Do you have any comments regarding the military issues raised in the show?

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